Steeped in History

As we approach this job’s finish, more history is making its way onsite. The Tennessee Coal and Iron medallion was a mounted a few weeks back, and is now accompanied by a Pratt Shops sign circa 1920s and US Steel’s embossed metal doors. Porch construction and final details are progressing on schedule.











Historical Medallion Marks Entry

With US Steel’s help, we located this plaque from a 1900’s circa building and mounted it above the entrance to their new building. It pays homage to Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad, formed in 1852 as one of the nation’s largest producers of steel. TCI merged with US Steel in 1907 and became the real estate division. The Preserve community is USS Realty’s most recent development, and this building will serve as their headquarters.

Our work is progressing as scheduled on all aspects of the project. Progress has been made from the exterior masonry, to the entrance where there will be a wrought iron door to the interior mechanical systems.


The Preserve Project Nails It

Site Just Before Clearing & Grading Began

Clearing of undercut and other materials

Clearing of the project jobsite began by first clearing and grading the lot so that the subgrade for the building pad could be prepared.

Subgrade work started

Backfill for the parking lot area

Grading and backfill work began at the job site for the parking lot area and excavation for the building pad as well.

Excavation of Basement Started

Rock removal crews working on Excavation

The first work of the project involved the removal of rock and excavation for the future basement. The excavation lowered the original grade of the building site down 14 feet.

Soil Nail Example

Tecco Mesh System over Geotectile Fabric

Finished product of the geo fabric and soil nails

In what will be the future basement area, the crews installed a geo fabric with Soil Nails. These “nails” are spiral pins that are driven into a bank of earth at various depths to essentially lock the geo fabric and geogrid-style material shown above into the retaining wall. As the Soil Nails are driven into the components and the wall, the pressure locks everything into place.

Town Center of the Preserve in background

The Preserve Office Building will meet the design elements of the local area once completed