Artist’s Vision is Close to Reality

The US Steel Realty building is looking more like it’s artist rendering. Paint has begun on the veranda side.

Brick work continues to progress at the gables and entrance arches.

As well as our electrical service area in place.

Drywall and finishes are progressing here on the second floor, and in the basement also.

Brick Climbs Higher

Masonry is continuing as the structure begins to blend with the existing businesses at the Preserve.

Site lighting is beginning and will be completed in the next couple of weeks.

The first floor of the building is being reserved for future retail or possible restaurant use.

Brow top doors are prominent features in the design on the top floor. Each of these will open to the second floor wrought iron deck.

Here, the rear parking pad is seen from the roof. Limestone is stacked, ready for window lintels and sills.

USS Real Estate Office Building Gets Brick

To compliment the beautiful natural surroundings of the Preserve, we are installing a pergola in the parking lot.

Masonry scaffolding is in place, as brick work moves higher up the building.

Elevator shaft framing is in progress, and fire-rated sheet rock has been placed.

Waterproofing  work continued, including the front porch area.

As seen from this street view of the project, great progress has been made on the exterior of the building.

Other milestones include:

  • Transformer pad installed.
  • Work beginning on parking lot across the street.
  • Concrete poured for parallel parking spaces.

Concrete Forms for Basement Walls Are Erected

Concrete forms being erected in the background (front) elevation of the building. Once poured, these forms will be used for the walls where the rebar is being placed in the foreground of this image.

Preserve Shops in the background adjacent the office structure.

Forms for the front walls of the office.

Concrete Starts at The Preserve

Rebar installation shown during concrete pours

Close-up of Rebar Installation

Before the concrete for the foundation walls and main building body can be poured, forms and rebar structures must be built. The rebar is to ensure structural support and increase strength of the concrete.

Wall foundation concrete poured

The Preserve Building is still getting pours for the foundation and main building body. This is now finished and we can move onto to other parts of the project cycle.

Crew putting finishing touches on concrete pours

The concrete pours for the supports of the main building body is shown here as the overview of the building site


Foundations begin at USS Preserve

Close-up of forms and rebar

Installation of forms and reinforcing rebar

Now that the grading in the foundation area has been completed, the groundwork preparation for the foundation pours started last week.

Concrete pour begins

Concrete pour for rear of building

Now that the reinforced concrete pours have begun, we can move onto the rest of the building slab this week.


Laying Down the Foundation

Survey crews starting layout

Layout work continues

Survey crews began the layout for the foundation. As shown in the photos above, the use of a soil nail wall was successful for the foundation wall near existing structures.

Service Ramp Into Foundation Area

The service ramp for the building pad is shown above as Superintendent Mickey Moman views the survey crew’s foundation layout. The scale of the site work can be seen here.

Stone being placed for foundation

Roller compacting stone

Testing stone after compaction

After the foundation was laid out, the crews placed, compacted and tested the stone for the foundation. The compacted stone backfill will replace any unsuitable material in the foundation. This will ensure that the ground meets the specified bearing properties.



Excavation and civil work continues at the Preserve

Excavators working on basement area

Basement area grading shown

Excavation of the basement is nearing completion and should be wrapped up by this next week.

Parking lot area shown

Front end excavator working on parking lot

The parking lot structural fill is nearing completion after the recent storms in the area. This area will be completed in just a few days.

Floor of Basement area

Survey markings on Soil Nail Wall

The survey engineers established bench marks for the floor area of the basement for excavation of the first floor. This will assist us in bringing everything up to grade.

Soil nail wall shown

The soil nail wall that was started last week is now completed. This will ensure that we are able to move forward with the grading and excavation work necessary for completion of the overall project.