Balance on Site: Creature Comforts and Fire Safety

The US Steel Real Estate building was designed to be light and bright inside, which means plenty of windows. Installation is nearing completion.

For temperature control and comfort, it’s important that we get the HVAC just right. Here roof top units are being set by crane. HVAC duct work installation on the second floor is near completion, as is refrigeration piping.

Safety of the completed structure is a top priority as we build. The new fire hydrant  has been installed outside, while fire sprinkler riser installation progresses on the interior.

Elsewhere onsite:

  • Electrical panel installation is in progress on 2nd floor
  • Doors with temporary door panels have been installed at the 1st floor
  • Radius Patio concrete slab completed
  • Waiting area ceiling is being framed on the 2nd floor

Utilities, HVAC and Roofing Continue

Our team made great progress on the sanitary sewer. We’re close to connecting the piping to the building.

HVAC work is moving along. Rooftop curb installation is complete, and we are ready to commence work on the building duct work.

We are moving ahead with the fire sprinkler installation.

We have completed brick gables with step flashing and are now ready for truss decking. The exterior sheathing is nearing completion, readying the building for door and window installation.

Roof material is stocked and ready for installation.