Preserving a Rich Tradition







Around the site, things are looking more and more complete. Brick pavers continue to be laid in the parking lot. We are installing mahogany and glass doors and finishing work on porches and exterior caulking. Ceramic tile are being installed in the lobbies and the stairs, along with ceiling tile and interior finishes.

For additional photos of architectural detail, visit our FlickR album.

Details Make the Job, Inside and Out

As we make the final push to finish the US Steel Realty office, we are striving to complete the job with excellence.











Details make the job. This week, those aesthetics include brick work on the parking lot, interior paint, crown molding and ceramic tile. We are also pleased to say that safety has remanded top of mind. A steel stair rail and electrical meters for permanent power were both successfully installed.

We estimate an on-time completion, just after the new year.