Preserving a Rich Tradition







Around the site, things are looking more and more complete. Brick pavers continue to be laid in the parking lot. We are installing mahogany and glass doors and finishing work on porches and exterior caulking. Ceramic tile are being installed in the lobbies and the stairs, along with ceiling tile and interior finishes.

For additional photos of architectural detail, visit our FlickR album.

Design Elements Take Center Stage



















It seems the letter “P” has take over this week at the Preserve: Porches, Painting and Pergola parking lot. The New Orleans-style building is taking it’s final shape as we add featured porches and wrought iron accents. The back parking lot is coming together with the brick columns that will soon support arches of greenery.

Building Gets Finishing Touches






The veranda roof is dried-in. Progress is being made on the brick in the parking lot area.















Electrical service installation is moving forward throughout the building. We’re adding the finishing touches to the basement area, including crown molding.


Artist’s Vision is Close to Reality

The US Steel Realty building is looking more like it’s artist rendering. Paint has begun on the veranda side.

Brick work continues to progress at the gables and entrance arches.

As well as our electrical service area in place.

Drywall and finishes are progressing here on the second floor, and in the basement also.

Historical Medallion Marks Entry

With US Steel’s help, we located this plaque from a 1900’s circa building and mounted it above the entrance to their new building. It pays homage to Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad, formed in 1852 as one of the nation’s largest producers of steel. TCI merged with US Steel in 1907 and became the real estate division. The Preserve community is USS Realty’s most recent development, and this building will serve as their headquarters.

Our work is progressing as scheduled on all aspects of the project. Progress has been made from the exterior masonry, to the entrance where there will be a wrought iron door to the interior mechanical systems.


Brick Climbs Higher

Masonry is continuing as the structure begins to blend with the existing businesses at the Preserve.

Site lighting is beginning and will be completed in the next couple of weeks.

The first floor of the building is being reserved for future retail or possible restaurant use.

Brow top doors are prominent features in the design on the top floor. Each of these will open to the second floor wrought iron deck.

Here, the rear parking pad is seen from the roof. Limestone is stacked, ready for window lintels and sills.

USS Real Estate Office Building Gets Brick

To compliment the beautiful natural surroundings of the Preserve, we are installing a pergola in the parking lot.

Masonry scaffolding is in place, as brick work moves higher up the building.

Elevator shaft framing is in progress, and fire-rated sheet rock has been placed.

Waterproofing  work continued, including the front porch area.

As seen from this street view of the project, great progress has been made on the exterior of the building.

Other milestones include:

  • Transformer pad installed.
  • Work beginning on parking lot across the street.
  • Concrete poured for parallel parking spaces.