Steeped in History

As we approach this job’s finish, more history is making its way onsite. The Tennessee Coal and Iron medallion was a mounted a few weeks back, and is now accompanied by a Pratt Shops sign circa 1920s and US Steel’s embossed metal doors. Porch construction and final details are progressing on schedule.











Getting Dressed Up

As we move toward the project’s close, the building’s quality architectural details are coming to together well.


















Porches are getting ceilings, roofs and planters. Brick pavers have been added to the parking lot patio. Steel stair rails and the fire alarm are in place.

Design Elements Take Center Stage



















It seems the letter “P” has take over this week at the Preserve: Porches, Painting and Pergola parking lot. The New Orleans-style building is taking it’s final shape as we add featured porches and wrought iron accents. The back parking lot is coming together with the brick columns that will soon support arches of greenery.

Artist’s Vision is Close to Reality

The US Steel Realty building is looking more like it’s artist rendering. Paint has begun on the veranda side.

Brick work continues to progress at the gables and entrance arches.

As well as our electrical service area in place.

Drywall and finishes are progressing here on the second floor, and in the basement also.

Good Weather for Masonry Work (and in General)

These images show progress leading up to the elevated parking area and pergola as well as the work at the front of the building.

At the top of the steps, this brick facing arch will open to the patio.

Storm system continues (about 75% complete) along with the 100% completion of the grease traps system, shown below.


Developments Underground, Inside and on the Roof

The plumbing fittings are organized and ready to install.

Grease trap tanks are in place, and the connection to the building is in progress.

Concrete footing work for the parking lot retaining walls is coming along.

Metal decking and parapet brick installation is nearing completion on the gable roof.

Walls Take Shape

Framing is moving along, and we are starting to fill in with orient strand board (OSB) sheathing. This will provide structure for the walls.

Sewer and water service installation is underway. Electrical conduits are also in place.

Fire sprinkler piping arrived this week, as did additional roofing materials. Work is commencing for both.


With Structural Steel Complete, Walls and Veneers Are in Formation

Last week, we set the roofing trusses on the US Steel Realty building.

All trusses are now in place, making the roof ready for decking.

Our team has installed the main water tap, meter vault and electrical service conduits.

In the basement, we have stocked sheet rock. Wall framing will start as soon as all utilities are roughed-in.