Details Make the Job, Inside and Out

As we make the final push to finish the US Steel Realty office, we are striving to complete the job with excellence.











Details make the job. This week, those aesthetics include brick work on the parking lot, interior paint, crown molding and ceramic tile. We are also pleased to say that safety has remanded top of mind. A steel stair rail and electrical meters for permanent power were both successfully installed.

We estimate an on-time completion, just after the new year.

Utilities, HVAC and Roofing Continue

Our team made great progress on the sanitary sewer. We’re close to connecting the piping to the building.

HVAC work is moving along. Rooftop curb installation is complete, and we are ready to commence work on the building duct work.

We are moving ahead with the fire sprinkler installation.

We have completed brick gables with step flashing and are now ready for truss decking. The exterior sheathing is nearing completion, readying the building for door and window installation.

Roof material is stocked and ready for installation.

Walls Take Shape

Framing is moving along, and we are starting to fill in with orient strand board (OSB) sheathing. This will provide structure for the walls.

Sewer and water service installation is underway. Electrical conduits are also in place.

Fire sprinkler piping arrived this week, as did additional roofing materials. Work is commencing for both.


With Structural Steel Complete, Walls and Veneers Are in Formation

Last week, we set the roofing trusses on the US Steel Realty building.

All trusses are now in place, making the roof ready for decking.

Our team has installed the main water tap, meter vault and electrical service conduits.

In the basement, we have stocked sheet rock. Wall framing will start as soon as all utilities are roughed-in.


Steel Erection, Roof Framing and Decking Progress

Metal stud framing is progressing on all floors, including the basement.

Our team is installing utility conduits in the foundation walls. These will carry multiple lines, consolidating a maintenance entry point and increasing public safety.

We are starting the second phase of site work with backfill around the foundation walls. Underground utility installation will begin this week.


Structural Reinforcements Move Ahead

This week, our team installed decking on the second floor of the building. This composite metal has a ribbed profile designed to interlock for permanent form and positive reinforcement.

We are in the process of waterproofing the foundation.

Our team is using stone to backfill the area around the foundation. This provides support for the concrete, and will prevent future cracking or structural damage.

Structural Steel, From the Top Down

At the corner of Village Green and Preserve Parkway, the structure of the new USS Real Estate Building is starting to take shape.

Vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beam framing are completed to the roof.  This skeleton frame was constructed in a rectangular grid to support the floors, roof and walls of the building.Composite steel floor decking, formatted to ASTM standards, is being installed.