The Preserve Site Prep Continues


Grading Preserve Jobsite

Sheepsfoot road roller

After several days of rain, we were able to continue work on the parking lot after some time allowing the site to dry. The early grade work of the site is important as will later serve as the staging area of the building construction.

Test Engineer recording soil samples

Test engineer gathering soil samples

The site material was tested for proper density to ensure that it meets the required specifications of the overall build. In the photos above, the test engineer takes soil samples and records findings of the early stages of the geotechnical testing.

Utilizing soil on the site

For the site prep, we are using on-site material, a clay-like soil that has properties perfect for our uses at the building site. If the weather will cooperate, site work will be completed soon.

The Preserve Project Nails It

Site Just Before Clearing & Grading Began

Clearing of undercut and other materials

Clearing of the project jobsite began by first clearing and grading the lot so that the subgrade for the building pad could be prepared.

Subgrade work started

Backfill for the parking lot area

Grading and backfill work began at the job site for the parking lot area and excavation for the building pad as well.

Excavation of Basement Started

Rock removal crews working on Excavation

The first work of the project involved the removal of rock and excavation for the future basement. The excavation lowered the original grade of the building site down 14 feet.

Soil Nail Example

Tecco Mesh System over Geotectile Fabric

Finished product of the geo fabric and soil nails

In what will be the future basement area, the crews installed a geo fabric with Soil Nails. These “nails” are spiral pins that are driven into a bank of earth at various depths to essentially lock the geo fabric and geogrid-style material shown above into the retaining wall. As the Soil Nails are driven into the components and the wall, the pressure locks everything into place.

Town Center of the Preserve in background

The Preserve Office Building will meet the design elements of the local area once completed

The Preserve…an introduction.

Over the last several months we have been working with US Steel to design their building and we are now in the process of taking artifacts from their existing building and incorporating them into the design of this building which will serve them for several decades to come.

The building will also incorporate natural wood from some of their properties. The overall design of the building is very open and features windows and doors that will allow natural sunlight to the offices.

We expect to finish by the end of this year. The location of this building will be another landmark in one of premier developments by USS Realty called The Preserve.

Welcome to the Preserve

When USS Real Estate sought to develop a new corporate headquarters, they had more than office space in mind. They wanted a place that captures the spirit of a company with 150 years of history. The goal was to highlight a longtime commitment to conservation, stewardship and community. There was no better spot than The Preserve and no better general contractor than Stewart Perry.

The Preserve, a USS Real Estate development, is a 300-acre master-planned community that adjoins the 250-acres of Moss Rock Preserve, a hiking, bird watching and rock climbing sanctuary. The new building was the next phase of the Town Center development, a live/work environment. In keeping with the Preserve’s stringent architectural standards, the New Orleans style façade features cast iron rails set in an oak leaf pattern. Building art includes signage from the old Pratt City Railroad, handcrafted by ironworkers circa 1920’s.

US Steel’s Real Estate, Legal and Governmental Affairs teams are housed in the new facility, which is known as the TCI building and fronts on the Village Green of The Preserve. First floor space includes retail and restaurant offerings. Positioning in the heart of the town allows the developer to truly be a part of the community they so carefully built.